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Pure Uthukulli Origin Buffalo Ghee

Pure Uthukulli Origin Buffalo Ghee

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  • ISO Approved Product - Pure Ghee from Cattles from Uthukuli that graze through the fields.
  • Uthukuli butter and Ghee has it's world wide reputation for the goodness and taste it holds.
  • Made using traditional churning technique. No Added Flavours. No Preservatives. No Salt. Drum stick leaves are used to clarrify butter into Ghee which is even more healthier.
  • High-fat dairy products like butter and ghee have been linked to a reduced risk of obesity. Uthukuli Origin Butter and Ghee is very rich in Good Fat.
  • British People were overwhelmed by the quality of butter and milk from Uthukuli when they first tasted it, and commented that they never had so much good fat in their day to day intake of milk.


Pure Ghee From Uthukuli Origin. Uthukuli Butter and Ghee is world famous for it's richness in good fat and also it's aroma. Uthukuli, a small town in Tamil Nadu is the most renowned ghee region of South India. Everyday, milk is separately collected by farmer families from different breeds of cows and buffallos and then heated at low temperatures to keep its nutritional value intact. This Ghee is traditionally made using the cream butter instead of the lactic butter unlike the other commercial Butter in the market.



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