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Nepalese Origin : Honey From The Highest Cliffs Of Nepal (This honey might cryztallize easily) - 250 Grams

Nepalese Origin : Honey From The Highest Cliffs Of Nepal (This honey might cryztallize easily) - 250 Grams

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Honey From The Highest Cliffs Of Nepal

This honey might cryztallize easily.

This honey is taken from Dunche District of Nepal. From the highest cliffs of Nepal.

Absolutely no human interaction in these zones except for honey hunting.

From herbal flowers that thrive at heights - altitude 6000 meters - 8000 meters from sea level.

From the northern portion Nepal (Nepal - China border)



Nature's Shadow brings best in class raw honey from various Forests and we also openly provide the origin forest regions of Honey. We also Assure that our honey never spoils or rot as honey is the only food item in the world that never decays or spoils. As far as honey is unadulterated, it never spoils nor decays. Please be notified that our Honey since they are Raw, might crystallize. Please do not mistake crystallization for Adulteration.


  • Raw Form of Honey with Hive Impurities and Valuable Hive Contents - Raw to the last drop and also other hive materials like Royal Jelly, Pollen have not been extracted.
  • Our honey might be of Varying colour patterns slightly as they are completely natural and they reach your hand as they were in the hive. No Special processes of neutralizing the flavor or thickness or viscosity or colour has been done. There are more than 400 colours of Honey pattern from completely opaque black to completely transparent white. Please be notified as colour variation does not contribute to purity.
  • Raw honey has a good aroma and smells pleasant. Pour out our honey in a closed room into glass jars and witness the purity yourself.
  • Please do not believe in Myths about honey and test it on us. People believe all the myths about honey like Ants do not consume honey and that Currency notes don't burn when dipped in honey. Please do not believe in such myths and bring it as a test for us. Honey is very nutritious and ants eat any food that is nutrition rich. And currency notes burn along with honey. Humble request, please use the honey and see results to believe in the authenticity our product.
  • Most of the flowers from the wild possess good herbal and medicinal value. Since all of our honey are from forests and not from bee keeping, you get the full benefits of health. Wishing you a healthy life.



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