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Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers - Edible Grade - 200 Grams

Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers - Edible Grade - 200 Grams

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Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers - Edible Grade - 200 Grams


Butterfly pea flower is a common ingredient in many herbal teas, mixed drinks, and cosmetic products. It is rich in antioxidants and may be linked to several health benefits, including increased weight loss, better blood sugar control, and improvements in hair and skin health.



The flavonoids present in blue tea help in enhancing and maintaining skin elasticity. Drinking 1 cup of blue pea tea every day can help eliminate undigested food particles from the system, which will result in brightening dull skin, removing dark spots, and uneven skin tone.
Butterfly Pea extract boosts hair growth as it contains a potent bioflavonoid, anthocyanin, which increases blood flow in the scalp, strengthening hair follicles. It is considered one of nature's most effective ingredient for promoting hair growth and darkening hair naturally.
Drinking a cup of blue tea once or twice a week on an empty stomach flushes out toxins accumulated in the system and vastly improves digestive health.



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