500 Grams - Light Coloured Raw Forest Honey - Thalakaadu Origin

Rs. 950.00

Rs. 520.00


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  • I have purchased a raw honey from your website.....Some people say that we should heat the honey to kill micro organisms.....Is that true.....Can we give this RAW honey to children of age 3???

    No heating is required ji.. Raw Honey is the best form of Honey.. Yes you can give to a 3 year old kid

  • I am from Chennai, Shall I Direct visit the shop to buy or only online..

    Sure you can visit us too brother

  • Your said, there is no expiry for original honey, then why you print expiry date on the honey bottle?

    We sell on other platforms like Amazon too brother. 

    They allow us to sell only if there is an expiry date. 

    Still in description we have mentioned this point that honey never expires.

  • In this Raw Honey will it includes royal jelly and pollen ah..............?

    Yes absolutely ji

  • For honey there is no expire date know Then why you have mentioned best use for 48 months

    We also sell on other platforms like Amazon and flipkart. 

    They do not allow to sell food products if a specific expiration date is not mentioned, even if the product never expires.

  • You told that honey never spoil. But in the product label shows best before 48 months. Why

    The answer is available on the same label just above the expiry date sir



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